Dena L.

March 14, 2017

So happy we decided to go to A Tiny Perspective. The facility was clean, adorable, and it was very easy to deal with the pleasant staff. My husband and I first went at 27 weeks and unfortunately the baby was still breech and completely face-first, snuggled up to my placenta. Needless to say, Gina the very nice technician gave it a very good try to capture good pictures, but baby just wouldn’t cooperate for us.

We were pretty disappointed thinking we just wasted money and an hour drive to get there. We were super relieved to hear them ask us to come back to give it another shot in two more weeks, at no extra charge to us. They definitely didn’t have to do that. So two weeks later, at 29 weeks, we went back and had the most awesome experience. The pictures came out fantastic, both printed, and on CD. We got a DVD of the session so we were able to look back at our baby smiling! Gina, again, was super pleasant, as well as the gentleman at the front desk. All turned out better than we even expected the first time. They even surprised us with a diaper bag full of stuff- some formula, coupons, and some breast milk saver bottles. So happy. Thanks so much A Tiny Perspective!

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