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A Tiny Perspective offers expectant parents the opportunity to “meet” their unborn child in a relaxing non-clinical setting.

We are a provider of limited diagnostic ultrasounds and a full service prenatal imaging center offering elective prenatal ultrasounds. Our 3D and 4D ultrasound packages allow our clients to see their child smile, yawn and suck their thumb all before birth. We feel that realistic surface images provide a connection between parents and child that can be beneficial to the whole family. Something special happens to parents when 3D & 4D images are seen compared to 2D image because the picture of the baby is far more realistic.

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A Tiny Perspective is located in downtown Glastonbury on 701 Hebron Ave. Unlike traditional ultrasound office visits, our large, private viewing room has all the comforts of home. The expectant mother and loved ones can relax as they watch their baby on a large screen TV.

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Gina & Joe Beaudoin, Owners & Technicians

Giving you an experience you will cherish forever

Owners Gina and Joe are dedicated to making the ultrasound experience memorable and personal. You won’t be treated like you’re in a hospital or even like a doctor’s office. Each expectant mother and her guests are welcomed like family and given the opportunity to “meet” their unborn child, beginning the connection to the child that will extend for a lifetime. Everyone here at A Tiny Perspective looks forward to your next visit!


I had my gender reveal here and it was the most amazing experience! The sonography tech was very patient since the baby wasn’t cooperating and had tricks and techniques to help! She was fantastic! I would highly recommend this place!

Brianna H.

I had my 3D ultrasound done here a few months ago and it was great! My family loved being able to go and I couldn’t believe how good the pictures were! It felt like we met him before he even came! The ultrasound was done around 33 weeks. Definitely recommend A Tiny Perspective!

Sarah L.

Thank you so much! I love this place, it’s so warm and cozy. They were extremely nice people, and we found out we are having another baby girl. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone.

Danielle H.

I am 9 months pregnant with my first child and have already gone to A Tiny Perspectives twice… my OBGYN doesn’t give me enough ultrasounds for my satisfaction. I got the 3D package and it was incredible! I did the two 3D ultrasounds 10 weeks apart and it was incredible to see the detailed difference that the 3D ultrasounds give you. 🙂 Definitely returning next pregnancy! Thanks Tiny Perspective!

Amanda M.

We’ve been to A Tiny Perspective twice now, for our son, and now for our daughter. Both times my wife and I were impressed with how welcome and comfortable the office was. Specifically, we love Gina! She has a great bedside manner, is incredibly friendly, and we love how nonchalant she makes the gender reveals! The second time around, we obviously had our son with us, and the staff were all friendly and easygoing with having a toddler running around the office.

Geoff G.
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